Story of the Invisible Twin begins with the bonding of identical twin girls. They grow up in a palatial townhouse in Manhattan with their socialite parents. The girls are inseparable, with their own private language and their own secret world, promising to always look after each other. But the winds of change come when they reach adulthood, and one day one twin is left without the other. Alone she is haunted by her reflection and lost without her other half, sinking deeper and deeper into the inner turmoil and sadness of her dreams. But could these dreams be trying to tell her something? Do they hold the answers to where her lost twin went? The answers are beyond what she could ever expect.

Manhattan Short Stories Tall Tales is a collection of five stories about five individuals’ lives that exist on the outskirts of society. Each story takes place in a different neighborhood of Manhattan, each during a different era. This collection resembles the myths and fables of a children’s book while bringing them into the adult world of lost souls and unexpected adventures.

Fiction Story is a tale of love, loss, magic, murder, and a dream come true. Through the poetic translation of tarot cards it uses several people’s voices to tell one girl’s story, with each perspective unveiling another peace of the evocative puzzle.

Underground takes an intimate look into the lives of those who have chosen to carve their own unique paths in life. These are the people who live on the fringe of society, go against the grain of mainstream thought, or create their own rules to live by. It is a walk through the streets of New York, past graffiti walls and hidden alleys into the homes of some of New York’s more eccentric personalities. Accompanying the images are personal statements made by some of those featured in the book in addition to some candid stories by the photographer revealing a private behind the scenes look into the photographs.